Stuntshow Ylivieska

I will be in Ylivieska, at Kärkkäinen incoming saturday! I’ll ride shows at the Mc & Moped Event called “Mopo on, ja siitä pidän kii”.

It will be a good day for sure, Live DJ, tuning competition, stuntshows and so on.. See you all there!

Mopo on Ylivieska

Mopo on ja siitäd pidän kii

A few pictures from my last show at Wandamotor, Nivala:


New trick!

FINALLY! I never tought that I could learn this trick on a fullfairing bike but now I did it!!! I did this trick with my old bike when I rode without front fairings but I’m really happy that I learned it even with this bike. I won my fear and got balls to test it and I almost nailed the jump. Next time I will practise even more and get 100% control of the jump!

Some drifts on a concrete ground

..and a deathspin

Saturday on the raceway 2014

Next Show will be at Jurva Botniaring, saturday 16.8.2014. Koskenkorwa MC is arranging their annual trackday and I will be there performing shows during the day.

It is a great event and everyone that likes motorcycles will enjoy it. And if you own a motorcycle it’s almost a must, because you can ride on track all the day. There is no competition so everyone can ride in his/her own safe speed.

After the track day it will be a great party with live music bands at Koskenkorwa. More info at Koskenkorwa MC website

Saturday on the raceway 2014


Smash Freestyle competition

I competed in the Smash stuntriding competitions in Estonia last weekend. It was my first competition of the year and I was a bit nervous before the event but it went good anyway!

The event started on Friday and a stoppie Competition was held late in the evening. We had just one chance to roll as long as possible. The approach were 40m and I rolled 76m on the front wheel. That made me a winner of the stoppie comp and it was my first win ever in my stunting carrier!

Picture of Stoppie podium

stoppie podium

The freestyle competition started with a 2 minute qualification run. 25 riders took part in the event and I ended up in 5th place which meant that I made it to the Finals!

In the Finals I tried to step it up a bit and rode a bit faster than I usually do. I did a great run and a lot of good tricks and I’m satisfied with my riding. I did just a few mistakes but that was unfortunately to much for the judges so I ended up in 5th place even after the Finals Even if I tried to get to the podium I am glad to be in top 5 because thats my best result so far in my carrier.

Freestyle podium

Here you got videos of my runs, enjoy them!

My Qualification run (2 min)

My Final run (4 min)


I will ride my first competition of season 2014 incoming weekend! I’ve been practising hard this year and I’m really looking forward to the comp. The event is called Smash and held in Estonia.

“Smash is the only streetfighter’s and stuntrider’s meeting in the Baltic region. It is an annual event since 2007 and it includes dragrace, offroad, stuntriding and some additional competitions. SMASH is one of the largest motorcyclists meeting in Estonia. The main difference from other events is that SMASH is oriented to activeness.”


Nohanded straight pointing copy