I don’t remember if I told you that I will be riding on ice this winter too.
I did my first practise session last Sunday and it felt quite good, it’s hard but not impossible.

I will also ride some shows on ice, in Sweden.
You have probably heard about the big annual event called “Speed Weekend” that used to be in Orsa.
This year it is held in Årsunda and the event is going BIGGER, BETTER & FASTER!

Here you got a short video from my first Ice practise session last sunday

Speed weekend

Motorcycle Exhibition – MP MESSUT 2014

Hello everyone!

MP Messut is over for this time and we are heading back home right now.
A lot of friends showed up and many of them had their own bikes exhibited.

I had my own bike at the Kawasaki Racing Team stand and promoted myself with signature cards and stuntvideos. It was nice to finally have an own stand at this event.

But I were also there for business so I spend most of the time working in the Kawasaki stand.
I helped them to promote the brand and help people find the right bike for themself. It was a good time but even a bit hurry sometimes. Thanks to all interested people and all event vistors for making this event happen.

See you again next year!




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It have been a long time since I updated my site but now I have some news for you.
I will be at the Annual Motorcycle Exhibition in Helsinki incoming weekend.
I will have an own corner of Kawasaki Finland’s stand.
Please come by and check out my bike and feel free to ask whatever you want to know.
I will also have some free stuff for you, and new fresh signature cards!

More info about the Exhibition: MP MESSUT 2014
See you out there!



Kurland Streebike Freestyle Championship 2013

I’m back home from my last competition for this season. The competition was held in Liepaja, Latvia and were combined with the Latvian Rally Kurzeme speed weekend. I did the trip together with Joona Vatanen, Jussi Koivulampi and my girlfriend Pauliina. We had to drive about 1000km each way so it were a long trip but totally worth it.
We were competing against the best stuntriders in the North Europe so it were a really tough competition overthere. A good thing about this competition were that the judges liked speed & danger and that’s suites me and Joona perfectly. The bad thing about it was that the surface on the competing are were flagstone and not asphalt which means bad & rough grip.

i rode much better than in the Poland Stuntgp so I’m satisfied with my competition this time. I made it to the Final and ended up in 10th place.
Joona did even better and ended up in second place even if he did a huge stoppie crash in the finals. He did also get first place in the wheelie race and price money for the best crash. Congratulations Joona!

Good weekend and good and of the competitions of the year. See you all again next year, and then we’ll go even Bigger, better % louder!






Show in Seinäjoki

I got a call today and I will do a show this sunday! The show will be in Seinäjoki at “Vauhtiajot” which is a big yearly car and race festival and there is always a lot of visitors. I will do the show together with crazy drivers! See you there!

Visit their site by clicking on this link: VAUHTIAJOT



I’ve not been posting in a while because we’ve been on a trip around in Europe. But now we are all back home and back in business. We started our trip from Finland(of course) and went by ferry to Estonia, and then travelled trough Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to Poland by car. The trip took us about 35 hours and were really tough because we just stopped for gas tanking and some fast lunch breaks.

We stayed in Poland for four days and me and Joona Vatanen competed in the PLUS STUNT GRAND PRIX of Poland.
70 elite riders from all over the world competed in the competition and I can tell you that the level were very high.
The qualification run were on friday and everyone tried their best to get to the semi-final were the 30 best will fight for the final positions.
I thought that it would be a peace of cake to get to the semi final because I’ve been practising alot this season. But when I went out to competition area I started to struggle. I tried to ride faster than I was able to and struggled even with the easiest tricks. I hadn’t been pracising my 3 minutes competition run so I got stressed of the clock and my run was really bad. I even crashed in the wall once so my points did’nt reach to semi finals.
I was of course a bit sad because I use to ride better during practise and shows, but now I had more time to support and follow Joona trough the


Joona did ride very well in the competition and got the amazing position as a 4th place in the competition. Congrats Joona!

After stuntgp travelled to Latvia and stayed at Janis Rozitis place in Riga for a few days. We did a practise session with Janis and did even ride a show with him at a event called ghetto games. Then we just rested and had a good time and enjoyed our vacation. Thank you Janis for letting us stay at your house!



I found some material from my show at RE Motors during Duell Days a few weeks ago. I sat down and did a small edit for you, hope you like it!
You can watch this video as long as I’m away. I’ll travel to Poland tomorrow and compete in the Plus Stunt Grand Prix (World Championship) in Bydgoscz.
Enjoy the video:

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I did also ride some shows yesterday!
Korsnäs Street Race was a great event! I really enjoyed the day out there and I’m satisfied with my own perfomance! I was a bit scared in the beginning because I did my show on a normal road, but I think it went very well altough. I also tested some dragracing and my Kawasaki showed the people that the 636 have a lot of power. I did even win a Hayabusa twice in the drag race, and that tells a lot!!

Korsnäs streetrace 2013